Forestdale Primary School


Find out more about the exciting Geography, History, R.E and Foreign Languages learning at Forestdale. 


Our children learn about a variety of places and the communities that live within them. They learn about the processes and consequences of change in different environments and begin to understand what ‘global citizenship’ means.  


We link our learning, where possible, to the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.  

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production- The reception children investigated why our ground might be so upset and looked at ways we can dispose of waste responsibly. 

SDG 14 Life Below Water- The year 2 children had to investigate why the oceans may be upset (linked to their seaside topic). 

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities- The year 1 children conducted traffic surveys and went to investigate why our local roads may be upset. 

SDG 15 Life on Land- Year 5 had to investigate why forests and river may be so upset in southern mexico and northern parts of central America (linked to Mayan history topic). 


Opportunities are planned to enable children to acquire the geographical skills and knowledge needed to understand places and themes, for example through map work at different scales, and by conducting practical activities such as using compasses.


Year 2 uses orienteering skills to locate Samuel Pepys's hidden buried cheese.

At Forestdale we aim to encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of where places are located within the world and what they are like, including an appreciation and understanding of inhabitants and lifestyles. We also aim to stimulate their interest and curiosity about their own local surroundings.

We have many Geography focussed learning visits where children have the opportunity to experience and to learn about a different environment. 

Year 6 locating local air raid shelters (linked to History topic of World War II). 


At Forestdale, children enjoy different history based topics each year, ranging from Rome to Vikings and World War II. We make every effort to develop meaningful links between subjects, with English and Maths often taught within a cross curricular context.

      Beowulf Role Play Drama in year 5

Seasonal Stone Age beery stew in year 3

Through our links with Croydon Clock Tower we are able to immerse the children in their topics by allowing them to have hands on experience with reproduction and real artefacts.


World War II Code Breaking in year 6

To reinforce their learning, all children benefit from visiting places of historical interest, including The Museum of London, The British Museum, The V and A Museum of Childhood and Crofton Roman Villa. During COVID -19 restrictions we have made sure our children still have access to a wide range of educational experiences and substituted our many visits and trips with virtual trips. 

Year 4 British Museum workshop on Romans 

Religious Education

Forestdale is a culturally diverse school representing different cultures, faith groups and nationalities.

Our children have access to a rich Religious Education where we aim to ensure the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, mental and physical development of our pupils. RE is taught each week and children learn about different faiths or religious themes.

The effect of having all classes deeply engaged in studying different world religions at the same time is the creation of a microcosm promoting tolerance and respect for all, a core British Value.

We follow the Croydon Agreed Syllabus for RE.

We celebrate Religious festivals throughout the year and invite visitors from faith communities to lead assemblies. Classes also visit different places of worship.

Year 4 visit the Buddhapadipa temple, Wimbledon

Year 1 visit from Reverend Foreman

In Early Years, RE is embedded throughout the curriculum and takes the form of role play, sharing stories and celebrating festivals. In Key Stage 1, children learn about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, as well as other topics such as Weddings, places of worship and prayer.

Infant R.E Role Play  

In Key Stage 2, children build on the knowledge acquired from the religions learnt in Key Stage 1, as well as being introduced to Buddhism and Sikhism. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious assemblies. Any parent wishing to exercise this right must make a request in writing to the head teacher.

 Foreign Languages

Forestdale has chosen French as its modern foreign language. Children from reception up to year 6 learn to develop their linguistic skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

French weather Bingo

Each French lesson uses a variety of techniques to encourage the children to have an active engagement with French, and to develop a positive approach to languages.

Forestdale’s French curriculum is in line with the new National Curriculum and is adapted to each class topic to ensure children learn French in a meaningful context.

Forestdale also offers the opportunity to join Spanish and/or Chinese club which provide an in-sight into different languages and lifestyles.