Forestdale Primary School

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It is our terrific team of teachers and teaching assistants who are responsible on a daily basis for the academic progress and pastoral care of the children.  Teachers are supported in this work by the Headship Team, Teaching Assistants, Office Team, Lunchtime Supervisors, our site team and cleaning staff. 


All teaching staff have responsibilities beyond their own class, which usually involve the whole school in some way e.g. subject responsibilities. During the school day, teachers sometimes take other classes or groups of children for a variety of subjects, enabling all children to experience tuition and relationships with a number of adults. Parents are very welcome to come and help us in our work, but as a general rule we encourage parents not to work in their own child's class.


Head Teacher

Ms Esparon

Deputy Head

Mrs Aburrow

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Hart

Director of Studies

Mrs Ewin

School Business Manager

Mrs Gardner

School Administrator

Mrs Hagon 

Finance Officer

Mrs Gibbs


Mr Tosen

Assistant Caretaker

Mr Robins




Teaching Assistant

Mid-Day Supervisor



Miss Edwards

Mrs Zogu

Mrs Zogu



 Mrs Leung

Mrs Hamid

Mrs Buranova

Year 1


 Miss Mellor

Miss Bridger

Miss Clarke

Year 1


 Miss Turner

Mrs Tomlinson

Miss O'Brien

Year 2


 Miss Cook

Mrs Rowland

 Mrs Brooks

Year 2


 Mrs Roots-Taylor

Mrs Arrakhiz

Mrs Hutchings

Year 3


 Miss Fennell

Miss Jeffree

Miss Jeffree

Year 3


 Mrs Thomas

Mrs East

Miss Tolan

Year 4


 Miss Tuck

Mr Grossman

Miss Bishop 

Year 4


 Mrs Grove

Mrs Pawargi

 Mrs Felix

Year 5


 Miss Hackett

Mrs Shonpal

Mrs Nash

Year 5


Miss Smith

Mrs Waller

Miss Szlejf

Year 6


Mr Harding

Mrs Hagreen

 Mrs Halliday

Year 6


Miss Thomson / Mrs McDonald -Crossley

Mrs Brooks

Mrs Lewis

Additional teachers

Mrs McDonald-Crossley

Miss Willis

Mrs Allen

Mrs Papadopoulou

Mrs Gerwat

Mrs Francis

Mrs Golding

Miss Thorogood

School Counsellor/

Parent worker

Mrs Powell

Teaching Assistant Support team

Miss Bridger

Mr Grossman

Mrs Henry

Mrs Pawargi

Miss O’Brien

Mrs Brooks

Mrs Arrahkiz

Mrs Casbon

Mrs Ashrafi

Miss Jones

Mrs Zogu

 Senior Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Holland-Skinner and Mrs Halliday

Library Staff

Mrs Holland-Skinner and Mrs Halliday

IT Technician

Mr Grossman

Sports Coach

Mr Smith

Relief Mid-day Supervisors 

Miss Clarke

Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs Ashrafi, Miss Jeffree, Mrs Halliday and Miss O'Brien


Each day is extremely busy, and it can be difficult for staff to talk with parents about children's progress at a moment's notice. Although we recognise that concerns do arise, it is best to make an appointment with your child's teacher through your child's contact book or the school office.