Forestdale Primary School


Responses from Parent Survey January 2021

We received 148 responses from a possible 230 – a 64% return.

Amount of Work 

Please select the comment which most applies to the amount of work set for your child.

The majority of parents are happy that their child receives the right amount of work. For those that felt there was too much or too little work please speak to your class teacher to discuss individual cases.



Level of Work 

Please select the comment which most applies to the level of work set for your child.


The majority of parents feel that the level of work set is appropriate for their child. Parents can speak to class teachers if they are unhappy with the level of work set and teachers will be able to differentiate work accordingly.



 Children's Wellbeing 

 Please select the comments that are true for your child's wellbeing (select all that apply).  



The majority of parents are happy that their child/children are coping well with the amount of work. Parents should speak to teachers if their child is struggling with the amount of work or showing signs of stress or anxiety.



 An Average Working Day 

On average how many hours a day does your child spend on school work? 


The remote education provided should be equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school and will include both recorded or live direct teaching time, and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently.


The amount of remote education provided should be, as a minimum:

  • Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children
  • Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day

If parents feel their child’s school is not providing remote education of a suitable quantity and quality, they are encouraged to, in the first instance, raise their concerns with the teacher or Head Teacher.

 Supporting Your Child

  In general how confident are you at supporting your child's learning at home?


The majority of parents feel confident at supporting their child’s learning at home. Please speak to your class teacher if you would like any help supporting the learning at home.



What Is Working Well?

Which aspects of home learning are working well? (Please select all that apply).


Thank you for your feedback.

How Can We Improve? 

  How can we improve home learning? Please select all that apply.


We have listened to your feedback and have provided more face to face contact with teachers. We have worked with many parents to support them in using Google classroom. We have brought forward the intended date for Parent Consultations so that parents can have feedback from teachers.



What support have you used to access remote learning? Tick all that apply.


We are happy that you have found the school website and Google classroom guide the most useful in supporting you. If you have any further concerns please feel free to email the for support or call the school office.




How much do you feel like part of the school community at the moment?


We are pleased most of you are still feeling part of the school community. Teachers have built time into the day for Forestdale Fun and we have whole school assemblies twice a week. We still send home our weekly newsletter to keep all parents updated. We have brought Parent Consultations forward so that we can keep you up to date with your child’s attitude to remote learning and give you the opportunity to address any concerns. 




Further Questions Asked by Parents in the Comments Section.

Do they always have to have a task uploaded for the non-core subjects?

The DfE remote education good practice states that continuing to teach all or most of the normal planned curriculum in the remote environment is important. Subjects where this is more challenging are those that would normally include significant elements of practical work in the live classroom, for example science, music or technology. However, in these and other cases, video demonstrations can substitute well for practical work, particularly if accompanied by teacher explanation, commentary or electronic resource.


Do the children need a full day's programme? Would a full morning not be an acceptable amount?

In order for us to teach all or most of the normal planned curriculum as set out by the DfE we need to provide learning throughout the day. If your child is finding this too much then please speak to your class teacher.


Can the PE Lessons be at the same time for everyone so that we do not have one child doing PE and one child doing another lesson?

Our PE sessions fit in with those children who are currently in school and so in order to keep the bubbles separate we have to follow the PE slots available to each year group.


Could we have editable pdf documents?

Staff are working hard to adapt the learning and try to make things easy for the children at home to write on without the need for printing out.


Some of the work is too difficult.

Please make sure you contact your class teacher and discuss with them what they can do to support your child at home.


Some of the work is too easy.

 Teachers are providing Hot, Hotter and Hottest tasks for lessons where this is appropriate. Please make sure you contact your class teacher and discuss with them what they can do to further challenge your child.


Although the amount of work set on a daily basis is adequate if completed on the day, if you cannot home school 5 days a week due to work commitments then trying to cram more than a day’s work can be very stressful.

Please make your class teacher aware of this and come to an agreement together about what can realistically be completed.


Why can’t the teacher be in the meeting the whole time, all day long?

We want to provide a balance of on screen and off screen work. Many families are sharing devices and so this would not be possible for all children to attend live lessons all day long. We aim to provide learning that can be still be accessed in the event of not being able to attend a live lesson. 


More 1-1 contact with the children would encourage them to persevere with a difficult situation and provide motivation to do their best.

We have added in a check in session in the afternoon for all year groups so that children can have a 1-1/small group chat with their teacher if needed.


Please can we have daily instructions not the morning of the day needed? It is really hard to plan our days at such short notice when you are working parent. One of the days it was 30 minutes before registration and that was with a change time. Please can we have a week in advance like we did last year or at the very least the day before would be much more beneficial.

 The daily timetable should be posted the night before so that all parents and children can view it. It is posted daily to allow teacher to adapt and changing planning as they would in school to address the needs of all pupils. The weekly timetable showing all live lesson slots is available on the website from Sunday.


The children could be offered more mental health time.

We have built in Forestdale Fun so that children can have some fun with their friends. We have provided Outdoor Learning Challenges that the whole family can take part in as we know that getting outdoors can improve your mental health. There is additional support on our website with regards to mental health.


I do feel that the children would do better and listen better, if the teachers done more online teaching e.g. some lessons online.

We have tried to provide a balance of online and offline teaching so that we can ensure that all families can access the learning to suit them. The amount of time in a live lesson will vary dependent on their age and their ability to concentrate. We have recently increased the amount of time for live lessons in Year 1 and Year 2.


I really hope all the kids can return back to school very soon.

 So do we!



Further Positive Feedback from Parents 

I’ve found this way a lot better than the last lockdown as the children get to see their classmates and also have time with their teachers. It’s been easier to motivate them this time round with a schedule to follow.


You are doing great and the more we hear from other schools, the more we are encouraged and happy to be part of Forestdale. Thank you!

I would just like to say a big thank you for all the hard work and support we’ve received from the staff. Both of my children enjoy the work they are doing and enjoy the interaction with their teachers.


The teachers are doing an absolute wonderful job with the home schooling online. I would say out of all my friends children’s school Forestdale primary school is doing everything possible for our children to continue to learn in the best possible way at this trying time.

Overall, very impressed with the current home learning setup. I think the teachers are doing a great job of keeping the kids engaged whilst they are on the google meet sessions. They are always on time to start the lessons and willing to stay on call after lesson finishes to answer any questions. The balance between live sessions and non-live seems manageable. A very good setup during this challenging time. Thank you to all involved.



Thank you for all your time and effort invested in this home learning, making it possible to educate our children on this difficult time. Teaching / home learning our own children at home is challenging but also made us realize how important what you do, all of you, everyone/everybody at school. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Firstly, we really must commend the staff for the quality of material that the children have received. The live lessons have been engaging and the resources fantastic across the board thank you.


The teachers have done a brilliant job with the planning & class delivery.


I think this time round the organisation with the daily planner and online lessons is great especially as someone who is working from home.