Forestdale Primary School

Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives

We have introduced parent representative roles with the aim of improving and developing parent partnerships.

These roles were set up following parent feedback, which highlighted it would be beneficial to have a parent represent each year group to work in partnership with the school and share ideas. 

The Parent Representative group provides an important link between our parents and the school. 

It gives parents an awareness of the wider picture of how decisions are made and the reasoning behind them. It is hoped that, through an improved understanding of how and why things are done, parents are encouraged to remain active and informed partners and participants in the life of their school. Being a Parent Rep is a role in which parents can make a real contribution to our school.

Their main responsibilities include:

  • Regularly attending meetings with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher to present any views/ideas/requests from parents.
  • Working in partnership with the school to gather feedback on specific matters raised by the school.
  • Ensuring that parents understand the process to follow should they have a concern, query or complaint regarding an individual situation.
  • Providing new parents to the class with a welcome and introduction to the other parents.
  • Encouraging the parents to volunteer when needed –either for activities and events when requested by the school.

The current Parent Representatives are:

Reception—Mrs Hill 

Year 1—Mrs Barnard

Year 2—Mrs   Lindsey

Year 3—Mrs Veacock 

Year 4—Miss Bright          

Year 5—Mr Nagle 

Year 6—Mrs Martinelli