Forestdale Primary School



 The PSHE curriculum at Forestdale strives to equip our children with the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to achieve their potential, become responsible citizens and overcome challenges in both Primary school and beyond.

There are common themes that run through their learning from Reception to Year 6 which are based on 3 different areas: health and wellbeing, relationships and the wider world. Within these umbrella topics, children revisit objectives in each year group, building on previous knowledge and developing their understanding. By the time they leave Forestdale, our children can:

  • confidently articulate their emotions
  • use different strategies to remain positive and resilient
  • understand the importance of physical and mental health
  • explain what a healthy relationship looks and feels like
  • be safe and smart online
  • appreciate their role as a good citizen and the impact they can have in their community
  • use critical, collaborative, caring and creative thinking skills to form sound, justified opinions

In an ever-changing world, young people are faced with new challenges involving social media, the environment and well-being. Our PSHE curriculum gives them the opportunity to make sense of these issues and articulate their views in a safe and supportive setting. PSHE lessons are taught weekly with the class teacher and some objectives are also consolidated through themed weeks, assemblies and visiting speakers. Our PSHE curriculum plays a large part in fulfilling our vision- to develop life-long learners who have high aspirations, embrace future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences; and contribute meaningfully to society.


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