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Maths Home Learning 

Autumn Term Maths Home Learning

The children will be assigned homework each week using one of the following three apps:

White Rose 1-Minute Maths is free. You can access 1 Minute Maths either on a web browser or download the app on to a suitable device. Please click on the White Rose Icon (left) to access the web browser page. The app is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle. White Rose 1-Minute Maths can also be accessed via desktop using a three-word code, which changes each week. This will be provided in the weekly newsletter every Friday for the following week. 

The overview of maths homework can be found on the red year group buttons below. Each week, a reminder of the homework set will also be added to Google Classroom

The homework set through Purple Mash and Busy Things can be completed at any point during the week. If the homework set is a White Rose 1-Minute Maths activity, these activities are designed to be short one minute bursts therefore the expectation is that your child completes this activity several times over the course of the week. Additionally, we will also be providing a link each week to a video made available by White Rose Maths. We encourage you to watch this video each week with your child, as it will help to explain some of the learning taking place in the classroom and we hope it will provide you with the information needed to be able to support your child in their learning.

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 Google Classroom 

 Welcome to our home learning information page.


We have had to adapt how we teach and how children learn over recent months. Under Government guidance we will continue to include a blend of classroom teaching and, where necessary, remote education; this is known as 'blended learning'.


 We have chosen Google Classrooms as the forum our children will use to access and upload all home learning. 

Home Learning Using Google Classroom 

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is using in-school teaching, remote learning and/or a combination of both. We will be using Google Classroom to deliver all home learning activities and, following feedback from our parent survey in the summer, we will aim to deliver some live lessons should a bubble have to close. This will ensure that the needs of all pupils are catered for and will allow staff to keep in daily contact and provide a two-way platform for learning and teaching, in a professional and confidential manner with each pupil in their class. For those that have to quarantine or isolate an email will be sent detailing work that can be completed at home followed by a phone call from the class teacher.



We realise that the circumstances that cause our school to adopt a ‘blended learning’ approach will affect families in a number of ways. In our planning and expectations we are aware of the need for flexibility from all sides: parents may be trying to work from home and so access to technology as a family may be limited or the effective planning for both in-school and remote learning opportunities; systems may not always function as they should. An understanding of, and willingness to adapt to, these difficulties on all sides is essential for success.



Please note it is still the responsibility of parents to monitor what children are accessing online at home. We will continue to teach children the importance of being responsible digital citizens and accessing age appropriate material and we appreciate parents supporting this at home with their children.

How Google Classroom Will Be Used -Weekly Home Work, Families Isolating and Bubble Closures.

Google Classroom has been organised into topics so that it is easy for your child to find the correct home learning.

Autumn Week XX Date XXXX

This will display all the weekly homework such as spellings, CGP reading comprehension and maths homework.

Home Learning

This is where any learning for pupils who are having to isolate at home can be found – it will only be available to those children isolating.

Remote Learning 

Assignments will only be posted here if a bubble should close.

Expectations Should a Bubble Close

Bearing in mind the need for flexibility, we understand that work may be completed out of sync. The work that pupils engage in during a period of closure, or as part of the ‘blended learning’ approach, will be part of our current planning and therefore should be completed.

All children will be expected to log on to the live lesson (please contact us if you think you will have problems doing this). The lessons will vary in length and be age and subject dependent. Each day, the class teacher will set tasks for pupils to complete.  We have provided each child with a Home Learning Book in which to record their work (these have already been sent home and should only be used if having to stay at home).  Any work in the home learning books can be photographed and ‘turned in’ for the teacher to view and respond to. Please see our student guide on how to use Google Classroom.

Student Quick Guide to Using Google Classroom 

Daily Expectations Should a Bubble Close 

All children should log on at 9.00am to register and take part in the lessons.

Daily reading and record in contact book

Times Table Rock Stars -TTRS (Y2-6)

Spellings (Y1-6)

Phonics – sound of week (Rec-Y2)

Each child is expected to complete tasks set by the class teacher posted on Google Classroom.


Please note that there are a number of links to learning available on our website.


If you have any problems with access or use of Google Classroom, please contact  and we will respond as soon we can.

How to Sign in to Google Classroom


Homework assignments are to be completed on Google Classroom. 


1. Click on Google Classroom   or type in in to a search engine.


2. Google Sign In with your:

Important. You must remember to sign out every time


3. Click on your user icon in the top left hand corner.

Google Classroom Apps 

Google Classroom


Google Docs


Google Sheets


Google Slides


Student Quick Guide to Using Google Classroom


Please click here for a Student Quick Guide to Using Google Classroom 


Student Quick Guide to Using Google Classroom 

Weekly Homework and Other Forms of Home Learning 




CGP homework books – Reading Comprehension/Maths/ Phonics – teachers will set pages for each week - this will be communicated through Google Classroom.







 Spellings will be set every Friday. These can be accessed through Google Classroom.






 SATS revision packs for year 6 and year 2 will be sent home at Easter.


Please keep safe and look after one another.