Forestdale Primary School

Google Meet Behaviour Expectations

Forestdale Primary School’s preferred method for face to face contact during remote learning periods is Google Meet. This will allow teachers and staff to make contact with pupils, share information and conduct meetings. 


The purpose of Google Meet calls can include:  

  • regular face to face contact with as many children as possible in the class  
  • allowing teachers to share learning overviews with children  -checking in on children’s learning and/or wellbeing  
  • show and share learning with the class and celebrate achievements during the week 
  • opportunities to share stories, answer questions and lead teaching sessions e.g. phonic sounds, or to explain some tasks in more detail. 

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are for children, not adults/parents. When your child is accepted into a video chat by their teacher there are certain guidelines we all must follow.





  • Pupils should not unmute when the teacher has muted the whole class,  they must stay on mute until they are invited to speak.  
  • Pupils should only share screen content, if the teacher has agreed; do not annotate over documents that are shared.  
  • Pupils must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in your home.  
  • Pupils should find a suitable quiet environment, for example, in a shared part of the house i.e. not in bedrooms if possible or bathrooms; and please blur any inappropriate background.
  • Pupils should always keep their language and interaction appropriate, as they would in face to face conversations, whether with teachers, or their peers.  
  • Pupils are expected to attend as many teacher scheduled Meets as they can, unless the teacher has been previously notified.  
  • Pupils should ALWAYS make sure they leave the Meet by clicking on the red hang up button. 
  • Pupils are prohibited from recording or capturing/screen grabbing content from the video call.

  • All Google Meet sessions will be led by a staff member.  
  • Teachers will not allow attendees to join before the host and they will keep a list of attendees. 
  • Teachers will ensure that attendees are muted as they join the meeting. 
  • Teachers will remind children about school rules and make expectations around conduct during the meeting clear.
  • The teacher has the right to remove a pupil from a Google Meet if their behaviour is not in line with the school behaviour expectations. 
  • Teachers will ensure that the daily timetable is available to view for the next day by the end of each day. 
  • Teachers will check in regularly with children and parents.
  • Teachers will follow up on those that are not submitting work regularly.
  • Parents have ultimate responsibility to make sure pupils not only attend, but follow the correct protocols when online Google Meetings are scheduled with teachers. 
  • Parents should be aware of the Distance Learning Content for their child, by regularly checking the daily timetable in Google Classroom. 
  • Please help your child set up and access the Google Meet lesson.
  • Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for meetings.
  • Please ensure other family members are appropriately dressed and out of camera shot 
  • Please do not contribute to the video call during the live teaching-Teachers can be contacted via a phone call to the office or an email if you have anything you wish to discuss.
  • Please discuss with your child the appropriate way to behave in the meeting - in the same way as if they were in school with the member of staff. 
  • If a child is repeatedly behaving inappropriately, the school may need to remove them from the Google Meet. 
  • Please DO NOT film or screen shot parts of the session on another device this is a safeguarding and GDPR issue.