Forestdale Primary School



At Forestdale, children are exposed to a progressive curriculum which encourages a love of geographical learning and an understanding of the wider world. The Geography National Curriculum and EYFS are planned for and covered in full. On top of this, we aim to ensure that children learn additional skills, knowledge and understanding and we enhance our curriculum as and when necessary through rich experiences and vocabulary.  Our Geography curriculum encourages children to generate and answer geographical questions, locate places, identify geographical similarities and differences, carry out field work, explain geographical processes and impacts and to understand different cultures. Pacers are designed to ensure that learning is sequential and developed over time and allows children to build on prior knowledge to ensure that children know more and remember more. There is a significant focus on the development of vocabulary through subject specific vocabulary. Our pacers support staff to ensure that each year group is using appropriate geographical skills and vocabulary and building on their previous knowledge from the previous year. Locality and community underpins our curriculum, which allows our children to conceptually understand other places.         

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