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End of the Day Pick-Up Arrangements and Site Map

Our first priority remains the safety, good health and well-being of our children and staff.   Please follow the one way system to keep everybody safe.
Morning Drop Off The arrangements for morning drop off remain unchanged. Parents may drop off their children between the twenty five minute window from 8.30 - 8.55 at Gate 1 and children will make their way to their classrooms.  Please be prompt. Please note our school policy on collecting children still stands. Children can only be released into the care of a named adult (over the age 18).

 Please avoid gathering near the gates or on the footpaths immediately surrounding the school site at the beginning and end of the day.


Can I Send My Child to School?

The main COVID symptoms are, one or more of:• Fever>37.8 OR• New continuous cough PR• Loss of taste and / or smell Children can go to school, nursery, childminder as normal if they have:• Runny noses Sore throats without a fever• Mild colds


How to Prevent the Spread of Covid for Parents, Children and Carers in Croydon



Robin Club: Before and After School Provision


Dear Parents and Carers Re: Robin Club provision  


The Government has now published guidance for all children returning to school in September 2020.  Our first priority remains the safety, good health and well-being of our children and staff. The Senior Leadership, in consultation, with governors has carried out an extensive risk assessment in line with advice and guidance from the Department of Education (DfE) and has put in place measures to keep all the Forestdale community safe and minimise the spread of Covid-19. As children return to school in September we hope to support our parents with the provision of breakfast and after school care albeit in a reduced capacity. We plan to start the Robin Club from Monday 14th September. Please ensure that your child is registered if you require to use the Club. Bookings and payment will still be made on the SCOPay system. 


Social distancing It is important that we all observe social distancing both in and out of school. Governmental guidance accepts that social distancing in schools is not realistic for children. Children will be reminded about the importance of social distancing throughout the day. 


Bubbles At Breakfast and After School Club the children will be in Infant and Junior bubbles and there will be social distancing within these as far as is practical and reasonable with the space and personnel available.


Learning space organisation Robin Club team will run activities in the dining hall and Infant hall.  The team will also support children with their homework. 


Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell It is paramount that staff and families adhere to government advance if displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.  If they display symptoms they are not to come into school and are to book a COVID test and report the results back to school as soon as possible.  Test and Trace is a key component in keeping everyone safe.  There is clear Local Authority guidance in place should there be a positive case of COVID identified in children or staff and they will advise on who should be sent home.  This information forms part of our risk assessment.


 Movement around the school site As you will appreciate there is no easy way to organise such a large number of parents and children and maintain adequate social distancing, so we are asking that you support us in these measures.  When dropping off and collecting children from Robin club please come to Gate 3 (please see map attached).

Morning Drop Off In the morning there will be only two drop off times: 7.30am and 8.00am.  Your children will be collected by a member of the Robin Club team from Gate 3. Please be prompt as will not be able to accommodate collecting them in between these times. 


Collection time In the afternoon there will be only two pick up times: 4.30pm and 5.50pm. Your children will be waiting at Gate 3 with a member of the Robin Club team. Please be prompt. It is essential that we stick to these times to ensure that we are able to keep groups of children and adults apart.  It is also essential that everyone disperses quickly and considerately from the school grounds AND the surrounding area immediately after drop-offs and pick-ups to avoid being in breach of the emergency public health legislation.

Cleaning We will continue with the increased cleaning that is taking place across the school.  This includes deep cleans of learning areas, toilets and high contact areas such as handrails throughout the day.  All equipment that children will be using, is cleaned before being used by other groups of children. Robin Club have their own designated equipment. 


Meal times We will continue to provide breakfast and a light supper in accordance with government guidelines. 


Toilets Children will be asked to regularly wash their hands throughout the school day, as was the protocol before the school closure. Additional supplies and cleaning stations within the classrooms will be made available. These will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. 


The School Office The office will be open for phone calls and emails however will be closed to parents during the school day.  Should you require anything from school, we would ask you to contact the office by phone (0208 657 0924) or by email ( ).  We are unable to accept any items being dropped off during the school day.  Please make sure we have up to date contact details for you.  For Robin Club, please use the direct telephone number of 07518 104164 which is available during Robin Club open hours ONLY. The Robin Club email is 


Medication Could we please request that parents provide detailed information regarding medication to the office via email so that the necessary arrangements can be put in place:      

 We all appreciate that these are uncertain times and we are grateful for your support thus far.  Should we receive updated information we will share this with you. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

The Forestdale Team


Government Advice: What Parents and Carers Need to Know