Forestdale Primary School


Ideally, children should be in school, on time, 100% of the time. We attach great importance to making a prompt start to the day so doors open from 8.45am for a punctual 8.55 a.m start to the school day.


Lateness and absence affect all children’s learning, not just those directly involved.



Registration and Punctuality



Each day is divided into two sessions: morning registration is between 8.45 and 8.55am; afternoon registration is at 1.05pm for infants and 1.15 for juniors.


Children arriving late, after 8.55 and up to 9.15 am, are unable to enter through the children’s entrance and must report to the office. They  and will be marked in as ‘late’; after that, without a good reason, they will get an ‘unauthorised absence’ on their record. Similarly, in the afternoon children in the infants must be in the classroom for 1.05pm and juniors must be in the classroom by 1.15 to receive an attendance mark from their class-teacher. Children arriving after 1.05pm in the infants and 1.15 in the juniors will get an ‘unauthorised absence’ on their record.





  • If a child is unwell or going to be unavoidably late the office must be notified as soon as possible, either in person or by telephone, otherwise the child’s absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.
  • Register checks are undertaken every day and detailed monitoring of those whose attendance is poor.
  • If a child is not present and a parent or carer has not contacted the school, the school’s attendance officer will send a text to the parent/carer, which will then be followed up by a telephone call.
  • Parents/carers are expected to call the school on each day of the child’s absence.

Monitoring Individual Attendance

We closely monitor each child’s attendance. We reward our children for shining examples of attendance.

Attendance  Action
100% Children will receive a certificate for outstanding attendance.
Below 95% Parents/carers will receive an attendance letter. The child's attendance will be closely monitored by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, with possible intervention of the Education Welfare Officer. 
Below 89% Parents/carers will receive an attendance letter. Guaranteed involvement of the Education Welfare Officer if there fails to be improvement. 


If a child’s attendance and / or punctuality presents a concern, school staff will investigate and support, ultimately supported by the team’s Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).  Sometimes a child can be reluctant to come to school  therefore the child’s class teacher should be told as soon as possible. We will always help support families with strategies to improve their child's attendance.    


Rewards and Incentives

Weekly rewards Termly rewards Annual awards
Attendance Ted is given to the class the with the highest Weekly attendance. Certificate for 100% attendance over a term. Certificate for 100% attendance over the year.

Whole School Attendance


Attendance at the end of last academic year 96%
Whole school attendance presently 96.7%
The Government target for attendance 95%

 Attendance Policy

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Attendance Policy